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Although China is the nation with the largest amount of import of the grain on the world, but from the point of entrance structure, belong to legume " alone big " , with was 2019 exemple, soja imports a quantity to amount to 85Latent capacity needs to promote form of consumptive new job inside mining epidemic situation of current whole world still is developing, the exterior risk that China faces challenges apparent increase, domestic economy restores to still face pressure, drive economy to return to normalization growth to need to give greater effort in the roundThe contribution that estate development investment increases to invest growth to whole society fixed assets leads 2001~2019 year a relative stability, it is on average 28

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    In the meantime, small gain of watermelon video, quick worker, sina rolls out activity of direct seeding answering question, advantage of play shift transmission and interactive enter involve appeal, publicize epidemic prevention policy extensively, for make concerted effort of the whole people infuse of collective conquer epidemic situation energy

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      Especially civilian battalion enterprise, became the main force of exit, the proportion that holds exit cost already exceeded 50% , adjacent 53%

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      (Responsibility edits: DF070) tell the world: This station releases the purpose of this information to depend on disseminating more information, have nothing to do with this station footingYield curve is controlled (YCC) basically is the bond that shows the Central Bank buys sufficient amount through acceptance, be in the bond yield pin of some deadline beforehand on the level of set, achieve the goal that controls yield curve appearance thereby

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    Compere: What is the circumstance before a few years probably what kind of? Guo Chenghua: What use before is not much, again forth we say, central bank loan actually it compares a tradition, compare main tool, but as economy development has increasing new case appearsCompere: Fit together perfectly

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    May, total fixed assets invests (do not contain farmer) nineteen thousand nine hundred and nineteen billion four hundred million yuan, drop compared to the same period 6


A few main economic norms increase value, investment, PMI to purchase these crucial index such as handler index like retail, industry, have bigger improvement from the point of annulus comparing